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Partners in Parks

The Partners in Park Program (PIP) is a public participation program designed to bring the ideas and efforts of volunteers together with the City of Nanaimo, Department of Parks, Recreation and Environment in order to create, develop and improve our parks and open spaces.  This program utilizes the talents, skills and energy of community partners and volunteers to develop, maintain and beautify Nanaimo's many new and old open spaces, parks and trails. Many neighbourhood playgrounds and community gardens are built through the PIP program. 

If you are interested in becoming involved in your local parks, take a look at the documents listed below. If you have questions, please call 250.756.5200 or email 

Invasive Plant Removal

Help keep Nanaimo's parks from being taken over by invasive plants such as Scotch Broom, English Ivy, English Holly, Daphne or Japanese Knotwood.  These plants have few competitiors and quickly take over an ecosystem degrading the habitat for many native plants species. 

The City will provide education and some tools for volunteers interested in removing invasive plants while walking through the parks and/or organizing more substantial work parties.  In some cases, restoration planting will follow the removal of invasive plants to minimize soil erosion and promote the reestablishment of native plant habitats.

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