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Nanaimo Dashboard

The City of Nanaimo's website offers many personalized online services. This includes items such as bid opportunity notifications, building permit tracking and emergency alerts. All of these currently require separate login processes, and you have to browse to them individually.

Dashboard is a new service that aims to simplify your online relationship with the City of Nanaimo. It allows you to log in using a City of Nanaimo account or one of many other popular services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. Once logged in, you can sign up for personalized services and view your information in one location.

Dashboard will initially support email subscriptions to City of Nanaimo Calendar items and applying for casual employment. Additional services will be enabled for Dashboard access over the coming months.

Getting Started

The most noticeable part of the Dashboard is the login bar that appears across the top of all pages of the City of Nanaimo website.

To get started, click on the Dashboard link in the upper left. If you are not already logged in, you can do so using any of the services below or, if you don't want to use one of these you can sign up for a City of Nanaimo account.

Once you are are logged in, the Dashboard will open up, allowing you to quickly see and sign up for City of Nanaimo personalised online services.

From here, you can edit your profile and sign up for these services, or follow the "other City of Nanaimo online services" link to access services that are not yet part of the Dashboard.

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