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Summer Tree Care

Trees are a critical and integral part of our environment, and at this time of year they need our help.

With hot dry weather upon us, it is important to remember to water your tree(s), especially young ones, such as newly planted ones. These should be watered at or near the base, making sure to wet the entire root ball. Water as often as needed, perhaps as often as twice a week during the first growing season. As the tree(s) grow, expand the watering to ensure adequate water is reaching the whole root zone.

Established trees should not be watered at the trunk. Water the area from the drip line outward. The drip line is the vertical line down from the edge of the leaves. The small absorbing roots are in this area. Depending on the size of the tree, the watering zone should be twice as wide as the tree canopy.

How the water is applied is also important. Spray irrigation is good for turf but not much good for trees. Sprinklers, bubblers or hand held wands that can get water deep into the soil is much more efficient. The deeper the water is absorbed in to the soil the better as this helps establish a good healthy root system that can withstand drought and a good anchoring system as well.

Don't forget the boulevard tees too! If you have a boulevard tree that is not on an automatic system, please help out your neighbourhood by watering these trees as well.

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