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Demolition of Island Pallet Solutions Ltd.

Island Pallet Solutions Ltd. (Island Pallet) was a tenant that the City inherited as part of the purchase of 1 Port Drive from CP Rail whose lease was terminated effective 2014-SEP-30. Island Pallet's operation covered roughly 2 acres of land. This parcel is one of the few portions of 1 Port Drive that is unencumbered and is open for redevelopment by the City immediately should an opportunity be presented.

Following the termination of the lease, a tender was issued for the demolition of the building and a cleanup of the site. The tender was awarded to Pacific Blasting and Demolition Ltd. for $522,294. The base bid included the demolition of Island Pallet ($253,350) while the remaining $252,252 represented site grading and soil disposal costs. The final project costs were $270,000 as soil disposal was not required.

Staff reports and photos providing background on Island Pallet are found below:

July 21, 2014-Termination of Lease
October 6 2014-Demolition Tender Approval
Demolition Photos

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