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Hardcopy Mapping

The following maps are available for download free of charge and are intended for general information only. The City of Nanaimo makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information presented and assumes no responsibility for any damage, loss or injury resulting from the use of these products.

For information regarding pricing for printed maps or ordering map books of the City's utilities, please refer to the Engineering map products price list. Orders can be placed in person with Engineering Support Services located in the Service and Resource Centre - 411 Dunsmuir St, Nanaimo BC.

Single Maps

Air Photo Preview

Aerial Photo


Full colour aerial photo poster showing Nanaimo and surrounding area. Captured in spring 2009.


Download JPG [143.5 MB]


City Overview Preview

City Overview


Overview map of the City of Nanaimo. Includes legal lot boundaries, parks, street names and water features. (36x48in)


Download PDF [4.0 MB]


Street Map Preview



Public and private streets within the City of Nanaimo's city limits. Includes index of street names and associated grid coordinates to assist in locating specific streets. (36x48in)


Download PDF [1.7 MB]


Truck Route Preview

Truck Routes


Designated Provincial and Municipal truck routes and major roads within city limits. (24x36in)


Download PDF [1.0 MB]

School Map Preview



School locations with enrolment numbers, catchment locations, and nearby crosswalk locations. (24x36in)


Download PDF [2.6 MB]

Map Series

Address Map Book Preview

Civic Addresses


Properties identified by their civic address. The map book is divided into map sheet grids to show greater detail and includes a street index. (11x17in)


Download PDF [13.0 MB]


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