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Survey Controls and Monuments

Nanaimo has been designated "Integrated Survey Area #20" by the Surveyor General of BC in order to have property lines in this area referenced accurately. To accomplish this, about 1200 survey monuments have been installed across Nanaimo. These have been measured to millimeter accuracy for location and elevation. The Surveyor General approves and publishes these results.

The City of Nanaimo operates a survey crew which is responsible for the completion of surveys and layout work for engineering projects designed and constructed by City staff, and provides survey information for other City departments.

The crew also maintains the database for the Integrated Survey Monuments (ISM's) within City boundaries. ISM's are survey control reference points determined by the Province of BC and used by engineers and surveyors during survey work.

The survey crew is responsible only for engineering surveying related to the City infrastructure and does not complete any legal survey work on private property. This type of work can only be done by a registered British Columbia Land Surveyor (BCLS). If you require any legal survey work on your property please contact a local BCLS as listed in the yellow pages of the telephone directory.

Survey Monument Control Information

The Surveyor General has published revised coordinates called NAD83 (CSRS) effective Jan 1, 1999

Monument coordinates may be obtained by visiting the GeoBC Management of Survey Control Operations and Tasks (MASCOT) website.  Click on the 'Query by Tablet Marking' link and then follow the steps required to obtain the info on the monument you request.

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