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Ross Road Traffic Calming

Project Summary

The City considers traffic calming on neighbourhood streets where: traffic speeds and volumes are high, neighbourhood streets are being used to shortcut between major roads, transit buses are not operating, and there is neighbourhood support for traffic calming.

After receiving several requests from residents to install traffic calming on Ross Road to moderate speeds, the City performed traffic studies to confirm these concerns: measuring speeds along Ross Road, conducting a routing survey, and performing a travel time survey.  A conceptual design detailing four speed humps was then created and a letter sent out to residents along the roadway to gather feedback.

Public consultation was completed in Nov 2016 and the conceptual design garnered positive input from the residents. 

Project Details

To better understand existing traffic conditions, several traffic studies on Ross Rd and in the immediate area were conducted in the spring/summer of 2016.  These studies confirmed that speeds (85th percentile speed of 65 km/h) and traffic volumes (average weekday daily volume of 3750 vehicles) along Ross Road are high and a significant proportion of traffic (weekday pm peak period, approximately 50%) is shortcutting between the Norwell and Uplands Drive corridors.

Based on existing traffic conditions, speed humps were considered an effective strategy for moderating speeds; a conceptual drawing showing potential locations for speed humps was prepared and can be referenced in the “Related Documents” section below. The proposed four speed hump layout would moderate speeds within the fastest parts of Ross Road while seeking to minimize inconvenience for legitimate road users using Ross Road to access their neighbourhood.