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Port Drive Waterfront Master Plan

In October 2015, the City of Nanaimo began a Master Plan process for 1 Port Drive, a parcel of municipal land and water located along the southern Nanaimo waterfront.

The City recently completed Phase 2 of the project, 'Issues and Opportunities,' during which we held four workshops with tenants, adjacent landowners and other stakeholders to identify common interests and goals for the site. We are now in Phase 3 of the project, 'Options Development,' to develop several options for future land use. Once a preferred option has been circulated to stakeholders for feedback, the public will be invited to an Open House to view design concepts and provide feedback.

What is the purpose of a Master Plan?

The Port Drive Waterfront Master Plan will set the framework for more detailed future planning steps for this important waterfront area, including future land use, transportation, servicing, open space, trails and environmental protection, within the City lands. 


How to Get Involved

For questions about the project or to receive updates about upcoming events, email or call (250) 755-4430.

Project Background

In March of 2013, the City of Nanaimo acquired 1 Port Drive from Canadian Pacific Railway at a cost of $3.4 million. The purchase included 10.8 ha (26.7 acres) of land and water, located immediately south of the downtown core of Nanaimo.  

From 2012-2014, The City of Nanaimo participated in community consultation process as part of the South Downtown Waterfront Initiative (SDWI) to develop a vision and guiding principles for the future of the larger south downtown waterfront area.  The resulting document, the South Downtown Guiding Principles, provide the vision for the upcoming Port Drive Waterfront Master Plan process.

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