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Official Community Plan

On September 8, 2008 City Council adopted an Official Community Plan - planNanaimo which replaces the former community plan adopted in 1996. The new Official Community Plan (OCP) is the result of a two-year community consultation process. The process reaffirmed strategies contained in planNanaimo 1996 and provided new strategies for meeting the many growth challenges the City continues to face.

The OCP will guide City Council in making land use and development decisions over the next 25 years.

What Is an Official Community Plan?

The British Columbia Local Government Act defines an Official Community Plan (OCP) as “a statement of objectives and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use management, within the area covered by the plan, respecting the purposes of local government.”

In broad terms, an OCP sets out the location, type, and density of all types of land use, from residential and commercial to industrial, utilities and parks. An OCP can also include policies relating to social needs, agricultural activities, and preservation, protection, and restoration of the natural environment.

OCP 10 Year Review Process

The OCP 10-Year Review process provided opportunities for the community to engage in the review and update of the 1996 Plan Nanaimo document. The process for the 10-Year Review of the OCP occured in three phases:

Phase One – Consultation and Review

The initial phase of the process involved the preparation and review of background information and a series of public consultation opportunities to inform the direction of the OCP review.

Phase Two – Policy Update

This second phase of the process focused on preparation of a discussion paper to both summarize results of Phase One and introduce potential changes and policy directions for consideration in a draft plan OCP.

Phase Three – Revised OCP and Plan Adoption

The final phase of the process entailed the preparation of a revised OCP document based on input received from the previous two phases of the 10-Year Review process. The revised OCP was adopted on September 8, 2008.

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View the OCP on our website (above), at City Hall (copies available for purchase), or at the Vancouver Island Library downtown branch or Malaspina University-College library.

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