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Good Neighbour Agreement

The Good Neighbour Agreement has been modelled after Good Neighbour Agreements that are currently in place in Kelowna, Kamloops, Ottawa, Whistler, Vancouver and New Westminster. The goals of the agreement would address the following issues related to licenced establishments or other groups/organizations:

  • Noise emissions;
  • Orderly dispersal of patrons at closing time;
  • Uncivil behaviour;
  • Criminal activity (i.e. selling drugs, stolen goods and prostitution);
  • Minors;
  • "cheap drinks";
  • Adult entertainment;
  • Employee identification;
  • Garbage;
  • Graffiti; and,
  • Discouraging drinking and driving.

You can view the standard Good Neighbour Agreement in PDF format...

Downtown Establishments signed on to the Good Neighbour Agreement:

  • 70 Below
  • Best Western Dorchester
  • Cambie Hotel
  • Club Malibu
  • Foundry Pub and Liquor Store
  • Globe Bar and Grille
  • The Jungle
  • OldCityStation Pub
  • Painted Turtle Guesthouse
  • Palace Hotel
  • Pats Pub
  • Queens Hotel
  • Salvation Army

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