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Residential Plumbing

Residential Building Permits typically include installation of new plumbing or plumbing changes. All proposed plumbing shall be included in your Building Permit application.

Depending on complexity of installation, under the Building Code, the home owner is allowed to do their own plumbing if the owner resides at that location. If isometric drawings supplied with the Building Permit application do not show complete understanding of the Plumbing Code, the resources of a certified plumber will be required. A Plumbing Declaration form is to be completed by the person doing the plumbing work and must be submitted prior to the first plumbing inspection.

The following guides and forms may be of assistance and/or required for your project:
Plumbing Declaration Form
Isometric Plumbing Drawing Requirements
Shower Base Detail – Residential
Shower – On Site Construction Form
Irrigation Lawn Sprinkler Requirements (if irrigation system will be installed)
On-Site Servicing Inspections

Fire Suppression System (Sprinklers)
Sprinklers are not required if the construction results in only single dwelling units on the property.

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