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Build a Suite

Since 2005, residents of Nanaimo have been authorized through Council resolution to construct Secondary Suites within the city. A building permit must be applied for for the construction or upgrading of a suite. Secondary Suites are subject to the requirements of "BUILDING BYLAWS 2003 NO. 5693", "ZONING BYLAW 2011 NO. 4500" and the BC Building Code.

Our handy Secondary Suite Guide has been created to assist you in understanding and navigating the requirements for constructing or authorizing a secondary suite. You may also want to refer to our Residential Construction Guide for general information on building projects. Both publications are located in our Publications and Forms page for Building Inspections.

Are you wondering what the benefits of constructing a carriage house would be or even what one would look like? Check out the video link below of a locally-produced news article on Nanaimo-area carriage houses.

Secondary Suites in Single Family Dwelling Guides

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