Spring Summer 2024 Activity Guide

cityofnanaimo prc_nanaimo (#ilovemyparksandrec) 61 Adult Special Interest Acting Fundamentals This is a supportive, nurturing space to explore and practice theatre acting for adults. It is suitable for both complete beginners, as well as those with some acting experience. Participants explore theatre games, physical theatre exercises and improvisation. The focus is on core acting skills, including using the body and voice as instruments of communication, as well as developing the ability to respond in the moment to the fluid environment of the stage. Instructor: Zoe Henderson Sat, Apr 6-Jun 1 | 1-2:30 pm | $120/9 | 115745 Bowen Park Complex Acting - Working with Text NEW! The focus is on working with text in both monologues and scenes. The goal is to increase authenticity in performances. Prerequisite: Acting Fundamentals or some similar acting training is highly recommended. Instructor: Zoe Henderson Sat, Apr 6-Jun 1 | 3-4:30 pm | $120/9 | 115746 Bowen Park Complex Beginner Ukulele for Adults Tune in to this music-filled class where you will learn the fundamentals of this versatile and fun instrument. For both complete beginners and those with some experience and in need of a refresher. The focus will be on developing musicianship on the ukulele, so you become comfortable playing short, simple pieces and strumming along while you (or others) sing short simple songs. Instructor: Zoe Henderson Wed, May 29-Jul 10 | 6:30-8 pm | $98/7 | 115737 Bowen Park Complex Ukulele for Adults - Level 2 NEW! The focus of this course is on musicianship on the ukulele with students exploring more keys, time signatures, as well as more complex chords. How to transpose a song from one key to another so it better fits your own voice will also be discussed. Instructor: Zoe Henderson Wed, Apr 3-May 22 | 6:30-8 pm | $112/8 | 115732 Bowen Park Complex Creative Writing Do you have a memoir or story bubbling inside? Bring your creative writing piece to life. Classes are fun, interactive and results-driven. Work with a partner or solo. Solid, constructive feedback is given each week to improve your skills and ignite your passion. Taught by communications expert, storyteller and former journalist who has been published many times. Instructor: Ange Frymire Level 1 Wed, Apr 10-May 29 | 7-9 pm | $96/8 | 116627 Level 2 NEW! Wed, Jun 19-Jul 24 | 7-9 pm | $72/6 | 116629 Creative Summer Writing Workshop NEW! Sa/Su, Aug 24 & 25 | 9 am-3 pm | $60/2 | 116636 Bowen Park Complex Public Speaking Embrace your inner storyteller! Reel in the tips and tricks to speak like a professional. Taught by veteran communications expert who learned on her feet as a broadcaster, reporter, professor and company spokesperson for over 25 years. Check out the exercises to take the fur balls out of your mouth and stop your stuttering. Speak with confidence and sound like a pro. You don’t need to be a seasoned speaker. You just need to dive in and find your best voice! It’s in there, and these classes will bring it out. Instructor: Ange Frymire Thu, Apr 11-May 23 | 6:30-8:30 pm | $105/7 | 116637 Bowen Park Complex