Spring Summer 2024 Activity Guide

Register online at recreation.nanaimo.ca General Inquiries 250-756-5200 56 Bollywood Dance NEW! Inspired by Bollywood music and movies, this class combines classical Indian dance with jazz, funk and bhangra. Dance moves can be modified for all levels and incorporate rhythmic full body movements. No dance experience is required. Dress in comfortable clothing. No dance shoes required; bare feet are best! Instructor: Sukhi Parhar Tue, Apr 2-May 28 | 12-1 pm | $65/9 | 116439 Bowen Park Complex Bhangra Fit This is one of the trendiest of fitness and exercise routines and is a popular alternative to regular aerobics. Keep fitness exciting with this popular Indian dance - an intense, vibrant, joyful dance that elevates your heart rate and state of mind. The majority of the moves follow the folk dance pattern, but they have been reconditioned so that they can also provide a healthy cardiovascular routine. This workout is designed to burn as many as 500 calories an hour. Safe for all age groups. Instructor: Sukhi Sangha Tue, Apr 9-30 | 6-6:45 pm | $60/4 | 116789 Beban Park Social Centre Adult Dance Flamenco Moods and Moves Experience the soulful music and songs of Flamenco through dance! You will learn Pasos (steps), Palos (rhythms), Palmas (rhythmic hand clapping) and more. Movements will be combined to create mini choreographies. Wear comfortable, smooth-soled shoes with a small heel. Instructor: Heather Sandison Mon, Apr 29-Jun 24 | 6:30-7:45 pm | $80/8 | 112069 Beban Park Social Centre Flamenco - Intermediate NEW! Learn longer choreographies and how to strengthen footwork, body styling, improvisation and interpretation. It is suitable for those with previous flamenco experience. Wear comfortable smooth-soled shoes with a small heel. Instructor: Heather Sandison Tue, Apr 30-Jun 25 | 6:30-8 pm | $90/9 | 112067 Beban Park Social Centre Summer Flamenco “Por Fiesta” NEW! Rumba, tangos, sevillanas and more - all in “fiesta” style! This is a multi-level class for students at different levels to work on different technique exercises for footwork, bodywork, turns and all necessary steps. Instructor: Heather Sandison Tue, Jul 2-23 | 6:30-7:30 pm | $40/4 | 115793 Tue, Aug 6-27 | 6:30-7:30 pm | $40/4 | 115794 Beban Park Social Centre Jive & Swing - Beginner Learn the dance that rocked the world! Never jived? No problem! This class is for you. Partners are recommended, but singles are welcome. Instructor: NelsonWong Wed, Apr 10-May 15 | 7-8 pm | $60/6 | 113767 Wed, May 22-Jun 26 | 7-8 pm | $60/6 | 113768 Wed, Jul 10-Aug 21 | 7-8 pm | $70/7 | 115541 Bowen Park Complex Ballroom & Latin Dance - Beginner Learn international ballroom and Latin dancing with a certified instructor, including the basics of social foxtrot, quickstep, cha cha and rumba. Make it a fun, social evening out while keeping your body agile. No previous dancing experience is required. Couples and singles are welcome. Instructor: NelsonWong Wed, Apr 10-May 15 | 8-9 pm | $60/6 | 113763 Wed, May 22-Jun 26 | 8-9 pm | $60/6 | 113764 Wed, Jul 10-Aug 21 | 8-9 pm | $70/7 | 115540 Bowen Park Complex M ke Move a