Spring Summer 2024 Activity Guide

Register online at recreation.nanaimo.ca General Inquiries 250-756-5200 52 Art as Meditation Create art simply for the sake of making it. Let’s learn about and explore various forms of art and how they can become a means of self-reflection, mindfulness, relaxation and meditation. We will explore a new form of art, including zentangle, neurographic, watercolour, writing, mandalas, collage, etc. Bring your own notebook, and explore fun ways to bring joy into your life through art. Instructor: Judy-Anne Wilson Sat, May 4-Jun 22 | 10:30 am-12:30 pm | $120/8 | 115761 Bowen Park Complex Adult Arts & Crafts Creative Writing - Level 1 Do you have a memoir or story bubbling inside? Bring your creative writing piece to life. Classes are fun, interactive and results-driven. Work with a partner or solo. Solid, constructive feedback is given each week to improve your skills and ignite your passion. Instructor: Ange Frymire Tue, Apr 9-May 28 | 7-9 pm | $96/8 | 116627 Bowen Park Complex Creative Writing - Level 2 NEW! This is a creative writing circle. Participants can share their writing (e.g. short stories, memoirs, poetry, novels/novellas, flash fiction, postcard fiction, journal entries) in a non-judgmental, safe and open space. There will also be writing prompts given during each class, so strong awareness of writing fundamentals is needed for the participant to be fully engaged in writing exercises. Instructor: Ange Frymire Wed, Jun 19-Jul 24 | 7-9 pm | $72/6 | 116629 Bowen Park Complex Creative Summer Writing NEW! Workshop This interactive workshop focuses on the fundamentals of creative writing. Participants will also write a portion of a short story, one chapter of a memoir or a postcard fiction or flash fiction story during the workshop. Instructor: Ange Frymire Sa/Su, Aug 24 & 25 | 9 am-3 pm | $60/2 | 116636 Bowen Park Complex Cartooning and Character Design 14 + Years Learn the basics of penciling stick figures, animals, faces and more. Depending on skill level and interest, topics such as shading, perspective and basic story telling may also be covered. All skill levels are welcome. Instructor: David Harvey Sat, Apr 6-May 25 | 12:30-1:30 pm | $64/8 | 116225 Oliver Woods Community Centre Beginner Watercolour - Flowers NEW! New to watercolour? Love flowers? Develop your watercolour painting skills using a variety of flower subjects. Gain basic watercolour techniques utilizing water, colour and light to produce realistic paintings with Judy-Anne as your guide. This class will move outside on sunny days to paint real flowers and/or floral landscapes. Instructor: Judy-Anne Wilson Tue, Apr 2-Jun 11 | 11 am-1 pm | $150/10 | 115760 Bowen Park Complex Into to Acrylic Painting - Landscapes Quick drying time and multiple textures make acrylics a great choice for beginners and intermediates. Learn painting basics, including composition, colour and numerous painting techniques. Artist, Kristina Birkhans, will guide you through creating different landscapes each week. Instructor: Kristina Birkhans Sat, Apr 27-Jun 8 | 10:30 am-12:30 pm | $120/6 | 116677 Kin Hut Activity Centre MEET YOUR Instructor ANGE FRYMIRE Ange has been highly active in communications, public relations and mentoring. She has also been a leader in self-development, life-coaching, communications and writing for over 3 decades representing more than 1,000 organizations spanning the globe. She is an accomplished writer, author, storyteller, teacher, communications specialist and former broadcaster/journalist whose stories have been published in hundreds of publications.