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Rebates and Incentives

Are you interested in saving money?  We thought so!  You may be able to take advantage of some of the rebates and incentives offered though energy-saving programs either hosted or supported by the City of Nanaimo.

Outside of city limits?  The Regional District of Nanaimo may have rebates that are right for you.

Oil to Heat Pump Incentives Program

Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program - Up to $1700

Shrink your bills by $1300 to $2700 a year!  Rebate available through the Provincial Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program, while funds last.

Toilet Rebate

Toilet Rebate - $50 per toilet (lifetime maximum of two)

If your property is within Nanaimo city limits and you are connected to the City’s sewer or water system, you may be eligible to receive a credit of $50 on your City user rate bill.

Woodstove Changeout Rebate

Woodstove Changeout Rebate - $250

Help clear the air while enjoying the fire. $250 rebates available for 2017.

Other Rebates

And that’s not all!  More savings are waiting for you through:

BC Hydro Powersmart

Fortis BC


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