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Public Engagement

Welcome to the City of Nanaimo's Public Engagement page. Here, you will find information relating to upcoming public engagement sessions on various topics relating to City projects and initiatives. 

We want to hear from you, the residents of Nanaimo. Please see below for upcoming public engagement sessions.

Events Centre

An Events Centre has been proposed for one of two downtown locations - the Howard Johnson Hotel site on the corner of Terminal Avenue and Comox Road and the City-owned waterfront lands on 1 Port Drive. The vision for this centre would be as a multi-use facility which would include such things as ice sports, touring shows, cultural and community events and activities, recreation programs, public galleries and sitting areas, indoor walking routes and meeting rooms for non-profit community and cultural groups.

A series of open houses were held November 24, December 1 and December 8 in the Beban Park Social Centre (2300 Bowen Road) where residents could find more information on this proposed project, provide feedback and ask City staff and representatives from the architecture firm Brisbin Brook Beynon questions. We thank the over 400 residents who attended these events. The information we received, along with the results from the online, telephone and paper surveys, was brought to Council on Monday, December 19 where they made the decision to direct staff to move to the next phase of this project

Please join us at one of the upcoming open houses to learn more about this proposed project:

When and Where:

Who is invited to attend: We look forward to meeting with members of the public and hearing your thoughts on this project.

Have a question about the Events Centre? Send us an email at

More information:

Events Centre Information Page

Events Centre Phase 2 Study

Events Centre Public Engagement Report

Events Centre Proposed Timeline

Event Centre Information Boards for Public Open House

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Howard Johnson Hotel site

1 Port Drive site

Greater Nanaimo Water District Lands

The Greater Nanaimo Water District Lands, located at 801/1150/1151 became the property of the City of Nanaimo in 2004 when the Greater Nanaimo Water District disbanded.

In 2010, Council approved a 14 million litre water reservoir in the west corner of Colliery Dam Park adjacent to Nanaimo Lakes Road and the Nanaimo Parkway. This decision meant that the lands were no longer needed for current or future water supply storage. At the same time, Council also approved consideration of the area as park land to compensate for the loss of park land in Colliery Dam Park. In 2012, Council approved a three stage planning process to explore opportunities for park and recreational use of these lands that total 97 hectares (240 acres).

Stages 1 and 2, a review of existing conditions and an opportunities assessment, are now complete and we would like to hear from you.

What do you think the future use of these lands should be? Let us know by filling out this short survey. The survey will be open until January 31, 2017.

An open house was held on Saturday, December 3 at the Parks Operations Annex Building (1151 Nanaimo Lakes Road). We thank those who attended this event. The information we received, along with the results from the online survey, will be used to inform us on the best future use of these lands. 

More information:

Greater Nanaimo Water District Lands information

Online Survey

Map - Greater Nanaimo Water District Lands

News Release - Public invited to open house for Greater Nanaio Water District Lands

Presentation - Review of Exisitng Conditions

Water Supply History

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