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Public Engagement

Welcome to the City of Nanaimo's Public Engagement page. We want to hear from you, the residents of Nanaimo. Here you will find details on current public open house events sharing information on various City projects and initiatives. Missed an opportunity to take part? Scroll through our archive for a summary of what’s taken place.

LED Streetlights Study

The City of Nanaimo is exploring the possibility of converting its streetlights to LED lighting. Consultants were hired by the City to study a case for switching City-owned streetlights from HPS lights to LED. Their findings recommended moving to LED fixtures.

We want to hear what you think of LED streetlights. Please join staff at an upcoming open house where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about LEDs 
  • Compare the difference between high pressure sodium and LED lights 
  • Provide your thoughts on switching City-owned streetlights to LED

When and Where: Tuesday, April 25, 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm, 101 Gordon Lobby, Vancouver Island Conference Centre, 101 Gordon Street, Nanaimo

Who is invited to attend: All members of the public.

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