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Online Services and Payments

BizPaL - "Business Permits and Licences" is an innovative online service allowing business clients to easily generate a customized list of the permits and licences they require for three levels of government – local, provincial and federal – by providing some generic information about the business.


Business Licence Payments - Pay through our secure payment system using your seven digit Licence Account Number. Apply for new licences with the Business Licence Application. Once your application is processed you will get an email with your new account number to use for payment.

Change of Address Online - You can notify the City of a change of address using this form. To find your Folio Number, refer to your property tax notice. You can view a Sample Tax Notice with the location of the Folio Number indicated at point 13.

Note: When you submit a change of address, it will change both Tax Notices, and Userrate Billing when either box is checked.


Dog Licence Renewal - Renew your dog licence through our secure payment system.

Invoice Payment

Invoice Payment - Pay City invoices through our secure payment system.


IReg - Register for Recreational Programs through our secure payment system.


Municipal Ticketing Payment and Monthly Parking Permit Renewal - Pay your municipal fines or renew your parking pass online through our secure payment system.


MyCity and MyBills - Register your tax, utility, dog licence, and business licence accounts to view account details and keep track of payment history 24/7. Sign up for MyBills within MyCity to receive an electronic copy of your bill. Read more details & instructions.


Home Owner Grant - Claim your Home Owner Grant online (available only from mid-May until the end of December).


Top Up Tax Search Account - Replenish your account for Web Customer searches through our secure payment system.

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