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Online Services and Payments

BizPaL - "Business Permits and Licences" is an innovative online service allowing business clients to easily generate a customized list of the permits and licences they require for three levels of government – local, provincial and federal – by providing some generic information about the business.


Business Licence Payments - Renew through our secure payment system. Apply for new licences with the Business Licence Application.

Change of Address Online - You can notify the City of a change of address using this form. To find your Folio Number, refer to your property tax notice. You can view a Sample Tax Notice with the location of the Folio Number indicated at point 13.

Note: When you submit a change of address, it will change both Tax Notices, and Userrate Billing when either box is checked.


Dog Licence Renewal - Renew your dog licence through our secure payment system.

Invoice Payment

Invoice Payment - Pay City invoices through our secure payment system.


IReg - Register for Recreational Programs through our secure payment system.


Municipal Ticketing Payment and Monthly Parking Permit Renewal - Pay your municipal fines or renew your parking pass online through our secure payment system.


MyCity and MyBills - Register your tax, utility, dog licence, and business licence accounts to view account details and keep track of payment history 24/7. Sign up for MyBills within MyCity to receive an electronic copy of your bill. Read more details & instructions.


N&R Home Owner Grant - Claim your Home Owner Grant online (available only from mid-May until the end of December).


Top Up Tax Search Account - Replenish your account for Web Customer searches through our secure payment system.

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