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Municipal Budget 2016 - eTown Hall

Note: this information represents the eTown Hall from November 23, 2016, concerning the 2016 Minicipal Budget. For the current eTown Hall page, please go here:

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Discussion Topic

What to include in the City's operational and capital budgets is one of the biggest and most important decisions Council and staff make each year.  Setting priorities and deciding where and where not to spend money is a challenging task.

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Unaddressed Questions

Q.  Is there money in the 2016 budget for a bike/pedestrian path from downtown to the south end? (from the website)

A.  Thank-you for your question on bicycle and pedestrian paths between Downtown and the South End.  While we weren't able to identify a specific project matching your enquiry we are undertaking utility upgrades on Old Victoria Rd between Needham and Rainer in 2016.  Once utility work has been completed the street will be upgraded to include a sidewalk, bike lane, on-street parking (west side) and shoulder (east side).  These improvements will fill in a gap in the sidewalk network and make Old Victoria Rd a more comfortable place to walk and bicycle.

Q.  Will the ncc remove the food only component rule to allow events like body painting or other conventions? (from facebook)

A.  The VICC no longer has a food primary liquor license.  It has a liquor primary license which means food no longer has to be purchased to have an event.

Q.  With all the new houses being built in the city of Nanaimo, has this increased revenue from taxes? (phone in question)

A.  New development does bring in new revenue from taxes.  In 2014 new development increased revenue by approximately $1.5 million.  We are projecting  $1.2 million in additional property taxes in 2016.

Q.  Is there enough money in the budget for park improvements, in particular for Colliery Dam Park, other amenities such as trails, boardwalks and bridges? (via facebook)

A.  Annually in the budget, funds are allocated for maintenance and capital improvements for Parks and Trails throughout the City. Over the 5 year financial plan the money allocated for park improvements is approximately $2 million. For Colliery Dam Park, any park improvements specific to the auxiliary spillway project will be dealt with through the project budget.

Q.  After the recent trip to China, what does the mayor have in mind for Chinese investment in Nanaimo? (from facebook) 

A.  The mayor and the Chair of the NEDC, Andre Sullivan, spoke to potential investors about a number of possible investment opportunities.  They included, but were not limited to: Port and transportation logistics, Hotel projects, Potential gaming and entertainment projects, Major real estate and development opportunities, Transportation initiatives, Infrastructure projects, Seafood import and export, Forestry related projects, Waste resource recovery (recycling and potential wood waste recovery).

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