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The City of Nanaimo has a trail system that extends over 130 kilometres. The network consists of trails at various standards and surface materials and connects well with our streets, designated cycle routes and local parks.

Several of Nanaimo's trails are multi-use with a paved hard surface that allows for a variety of activities, such as biking rollerblading and walking. Multi-use trails include the E&N Trail, Parkway Trail, Harbourfront Walkway and Walley Creek Trail. Other trails have a more natural setting and feature softer surfaces, such as Neck Point Park, Westwood Lake Park and the Cable Bay Trail. They are suitable for walking and jogging, but access is more limited.

The City of Nanaimo Trail Plan outlines the purpose, methods, locations, priorities, design guidelines and construction and maintenance practices for developing and maintaining a comprehensive trail system. The ultimate goal is to build upon existing trails and develop a trail system that provides a variety of recreational and alternative transportation options to the residents and visitors to Nanaimo. Ultimately, trails will provide connections to all areas of the city.

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