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Culture & Heritage Team

The Department's operating philosophy is grounded in the understanding that everything is based on mutually respectful and beneficial relationships and collaboration with aligned organizations. We recognize that Nanaimo's cultural, heritage and creative organizations are diverse and independent organizations, united by a desire to realize the sector's potential and value as both a social and economic engine.


Chris Sholberg is the Department's Culture and Heritage Planner. He has been employed in various planning positions with the City of Nanaimo since 1992, including posts as the City's Land Use and Community planner. Since 1999, he has administered the City's Heritage Conservation Program and provided support to the Nanaimo Community Heritage Commission as it sought to fulfill the City's heritage policy objectives and the Commission's advisory role to City Council. Born in Winnipeg, and growing up in Northern California, Chris is very happy to call Nanaimo his home, and looks forward to working with the culture and heritage community to strengthen and build upon the City's existing cultural and heritage foundations.


Chris Barfoot is the Department's Culture and Heritage Coordinator. He has been employed in various positions with the City of Nanaimo since 1991. Most of Chris' experience has been in the former Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture with a passion for community development. Chris is proud to have been born and raised in Nanaimo and is excited with the opportunity to work with the Culture and Heritage communities helping to further develop the Arts, Culture and Heritage awareness for this great City.

Rebecca Buckler is the administrative assistant to the new Culture and Heritage Department. A lifelong resident of Nanaimo, she has been employed at the City for five years. Joining us from the Planning Department, she has had the opportunity to be involved in a number of community initiatives and processes ranging from environmental to social to community and neighbourhood development. She has provided support to a variety of City committees and commissions including the Heritage Commission and the Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability. Rebecca is passionate about Nanaimo, its history and culture.





For more information on culture and heritage in Nanaimo, contact the Culture and Heritage Department at 250-755-4483 or

















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