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Culture and Heritage


The Culture and Heritage Department was launched in December 2013 by combining two program areas formerly embedded in separate departments, into one new department.  The City's intent is to foster the importance and visibility of cultural vitality as one of the four pillars of sustainability in the Corporate Strategic Plan as adopted by City Council in 2012.  The Department's work is guided by the 2014-2020 Cultural Plan for a Creative Nanaimo (2014) and the Heritage Conservation Program (2002).


The City of Nanaimo recognizes the importance of cultural planning and development for generating wealth, and for the contribution to quality of life culture offers to residents and visitors. Quality of place attracts and retains artists and skilled workers who provide the creativity and innovation that will be instrumental in making Nanaimo a more sustainable and successful city.


Cities, to be vital, must develop and change over time. Heritage conservation is an important part of the management of this change. An effective heritage program defines elements of a city's past that are key to its present identity, and provides means to encourage their retention.

For an annual summary of Nanaimo's culture and heritage activities, please see our Culture & Heritage Report Cards at the links below:

2016      2015      2014


For more information on culture and heritage in Nanaimo, contact the Culture and Heritage Department at 250-755-4483 or

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