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Spring is upon us!

Some early blooming trees of the prunus species are beginning to bloom and soon many others will follow. This is a special time in the garden, with many chores to be done, but one chore that should be avoided is pruning your trees. Tree pruning should be done in the winter months during full dormancy or later on, after the trees have finished flowering.

Things you can do in the spring are:

  • Remove any remaining decorative lighting if it won't affect the blooms and buds. Leaving lights on the tree risks girdling the tree.
  • Clean up around the tree removing branches, twigs or leaves that remain and then mulch the area around the base of the tree, but not against the trunk. Mulch against the trunk holds moisture and heat, which can help promote diseases such as canker.
  • Check the trunk and branches for damage before the leaves appear. Rabbits and dear can cause damage that may kill the tree. Protective mesh can help to protect against this type of damage.

If you see something that doesn't look quite right, but are unsure as to what it is or what the cause is, contact a local Certified Arborist who can assist you. Other tree care information and topics can be seen below in the list of resources.

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