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Island Ferry Services Ltd. (IFSL)

For the past five years, IFSL has been developing a business plan for a foot passenger ferry service between downtown Nanaimo and downtown Vancouver.

More information:

The City and IFSL developed a framework of agreements that meet the City's objectives of supporting a fast foot passenger ferry service to Vancouver, while ensuring the long-term redevelopment potential of the City's recently acquired lands at 1 Port Drive are not compromised. A key consideration is the City's ability to require relocation of IFSL's operations when necessary, and for the City to be able to construct Front Street through the property.

Staff reports providing background on the IFSL are found below:

October 21, 2013-Update on Island Ferry Services Ltd Efforts to Establish Foot Passenger Ferry Service
March 17 2014-Lease Options
June 9, 2014-Approval in Principle of Lease and Licences
June 23, 2014-Notice of Disposition
July 14, 2014-Approval of Lease and Licences

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