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South Downtown Waterfront - 1 Port Drive

The City of Nanaimo acquired the lands at 1 Port Drive from CP Rail in March 2013. The lands comprise 10.8 ha of land and water (26.7 acres).

The redevelopment of the property is a key priority identified in the City's Strategic Plan under Waterfront Enhancement.

Work is currently underway to prepare the site for redevelopment. This includes environmental studies and demolition of improvements. The City is working with Seaspan and Island Corridor Foundation who have perpetual rights of way on the property.

In 2015, the City intends to prepare a detailed Master Plan for the property. The process will require extensive public consultation to determine the long-term vision.

South Downtown Waterfront Initiative
Environmental Condition of the Property
Island Ferry Services Ltd (IFSL)
Demolition of Island Pallet Solutions Ltd.
RDN Transit Exchange

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