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Linley Valley Parkland

Acquisition of Parkland in Linley Valley

In Spring 2014, Council directed City staff to acquire land in Linley Valley for an expanded park system. Increasing development on the edges of Linley Valley fueled a strong desire from members of the public to preserve the majority of the remaining land in a nature state.

The cost of acquiring the lands was around $5.7million. These costs are partially offset by reducing future obligations on the City to build and service infrastructure associated with development in the valley. Removal of the lands from the Urban Reserve to Park will also encourage densification in other areas of the city.

In the coming years, Parks, Recreation & Environment staff will complete a public park planning process, improve the park and trail system, and restore the ecological areas within the park. The properties contain a number of wetlands and fish-bearing creeks and streams with sensitive ecosystems.


Size in Acres


Date of Acquisition

5600 Vanderneuk Road & 3842 Stronach Drive

41.7 & 8.7


October 28, 2014

3840 Stronach Drive (portion of 3650Cottleview Drive)


$30,000 subdivision costs

September 29, 2014

3508 Hillside Avenue


Acquired through subdivision park dedication requirements

May 7, 2014

3518 Hillside Avenue



June 16, 2014

3665 Rock City Road



July 16, 2014

3660 Rock City Road


Acquired through subdivision park dedication requirements

February 20, 2014




Staff Reports

Staff Report Acquisition Linley Valley May 26 2014

Staff Report Linley Valley Park Acquisition Update October 20 2014

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