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Disposition of 238 Franklyn Street (City Hall Annex)

About the Land and Building
Lot Size & Area
The former City Hall Annex is located at 238 Franklyn Street, in the Old City Neighbourhood of downtown Nanaimo. The building is situated on an irregular shaped lot with frontage on Franklyn Street of approximately 54.3m (178.2ft and frontage on Wallace Street of approximately 48.8m (160.1ft). The total site comprises approximately 2,160m2 (23,250 sq ft).

Property Analysis
Zoning – DT2, which allows various residential, office and commercial uses;
Current Building Area: 36,000 sq ft over 3 floors
Purchase Price: $1.55 million in 1999

About the Building
The building was a former distribution warehouse (formerly Kelly Douglas Foods), which has undergone various additions and renovations and comprises a three storey office building. The property includes approximately 592 m2 of asphalt paving for 18 vehicles on the north side of the property.

The original warehouse structure was constructed as a two storey building in 1937 by Dominion Construction. A single storey addition was added in 1954 to the west side of the building and a third storey was added in 1978. The warehouse was renovated to an office complex between 1978 and 1981. Periodic interior remodelling, minor renovations, and exterior upgrades have occurred during the past 30 years.

Seismic Issues & Repair Costs
The structure has been identified as being at high risk for structural damage or partial collapse during a significant seismic event. The details of the building deficiencies have been outlined by Herold Engineering Ltd in a Seismic Upgrade Report dated June 2008. The report identifies building deficiencies such as:

  • The existing masonry and concrete walls have insufficient shear and moment capacity to resist lateral loads;
  • There is insufficient capacity for the diaphragms to transfer shear to a lateral resisting system at all three levels;
  • Existing columns lack anchorage capacity; and
  • All exterior concrete and masonry walls and interior concrete walls have insufficient out of plane capacity due to lack of reinforcing and lack of connection to the floor system.

Upon review of the seismic condition of the building, Herold Engineering concluded that in a seismic event, there is a high risk of significant damage or partial collapse of the building occurring.

The Herold report provided three upgrade options to achieve a life safe standard for its occupants with anticipated costs ranging from $4.3 to $4.6million (including contingencies, repairs, temporary office space, moving costs- the total was estimated at $6.2 million). The report notes that if the building was vacated completely, the construction cost could be reduced to a cost of around $5.0 million ($4.0 million plus $1.0 million contingency).

About the Purchaser
Tectonica is a Nanaimo based Construction Management company providing Construction Management Services and Project Management Services to a broad range of private, corporate and institutional clientele.

The firm adds value to its Clients projects through the rigorous, creative and thoughtful application of its combined architectural, engineering and planning experience. Tectonica strives to create a design and construction process that meets its Clients' project goals and the highest standards of environmental, social and financial responsibility.

Tectonica has a strong belief that work done using clear, open and honest communication leads to success and the timely and thoughtful resolution of inevitable construction surprises. A strong trust based relationship creates accountability between the parties, and a commitment to achieving each Clients' unique vision.

Purchasers Plans for the Building
The purchaser plans to undertake a partial demolition of the building by removing the existing third floor in its entirety. The building will be brought up to seismic code. The lower two floors will become a mixture of commercial and residential. Two new storeys of residential space will be constructed on top of the existing structure. The sketch below provides an example of what the finished building could look like.

Proposed Redevelopment Of 238 Franklyn St

Development Permit No. DP000905

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