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Encroachment Agreements

Sidewalk Café or Road Encroachments

Although the private use of roads and sidewalks is not encouraged in most cases, there are circumstances where encroachments are permitted. The Real Estate Section administers these situations with Encroachment Agreements.

Sidewalk Café Encroachment Agreements

In the last 10-15 years, the popularity of outdoor restaurant seating has resulted in numerous requests from restaurant owners to place tables and chairs onto City sidewalks. Recognizing the contribution of sidewalk seating to the streetscape in such areas as the Old City, the City will support this use provided the seating does not impede safe pedestrian passage.

The Real Estate Section handles requests for Café Encroachments. If the proposed seating area is approved, the City will enter into an Encroachment Agreement in return for an annual fee and proper insurance. To inquire about fees please contact us.

Other Encroachments

Other small or decorative objects placed on the sidewalk to promote and enhance the commercial streetscape are permitted without an encroachment agreement provided that the objects do not interfere with pedestrian traffic. This exemption DOES NOT include advertising or signage.

If you have any further questions about Encroachments please contact us.

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