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Your Property Title and City Charges

Your Property Title

The Real Estate Section provides information about City Charges (or Registrations) on your Title registered on property titles.

City infrastructure, like sewers and waterlines cannot always be placed in road rights of way. It is often necessary to route services through private property in order to ensure an effective network. When these services are located on private property, right of way documentation in favour of the City is registered against the property title to ensure protection of the service corridor for future maintenance.

The City also registers other "charges" against property titles such as covenants or other restrictions/requirements that arise through subSection and/or development.

City Charge Details

Real Estate Section maintains a database of City charges. If you want details about a charge registered in favour of the City of Nanaimo, please contact Real Estate Section at 755-4476.

City Charge Review

Over time the servicing network may changes and some City charges are no longer required. Real Estate Section attends to releasing these charges as time permits. To request an expedited review of a charge please make your written request directly to the Real Estate Section. Please note that there is a $50 fee for this review.

City Charge Review and Release

If the charge can be released (taken off your title), Real Estate Section Staff will file the appropriate documentation at the Land Title Office. Please note there is a $75.00 for a review and release of a charge.

More Information on Charges

Looking for information or copies of other charges on your title? Contact the Land Title and Survey Authority.

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