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Fire TruckWe want you to bring your passion and energy to our team!

The Fire Service is the most unique and challenging profession known today.

The City of Nanaimo Fire Rescue Department will be utilizing a comprehensive new selection process to identify and recruit a number of exceptional men and women to join our world-class customer service driven organization.

We have employment opportunities for: Fire Dispatchers, On-Call Firefighters and Career Firefighters.

Fire Dispatcher Employment Process

Currently we are NOT seeking Relief Fire Dispatchers

On-Call Firefighters Employment Process

Currently are NOT seeking On-Call Firefighters...

Career Firefighters Employment Process

Currently we are NOT seeking Career Firefighters... 

Firefighting is one of the most demanding and exciting careers and if your career goal is to be an ambassador in public safety, work in an effective team environment assisting those in need, we may be looking for you.

Fire Truck MonitorFirefighting is a demanding job that places physical and psychological demands on each member. During emergencies and public safety functions, members are in situations that require a significant level of trust. Therefore, the candidates we seek will perform to the highest ethical standards. Your personal integrity, character, pride, respect and leadership will reflect the pursuit of excellence to meet customer needs.

Nanaimo is committed to customer service, workplace diversity, and ethical behaviour through an atmosphere of teamwork and innovative problem solving.

A comprehensive new selection process is used to identify exceptional candidates and those who are committed to upholding the mission, vision and values of the Department.

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