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Emergency Management

Contact us at our non-emergency number (250) 753-7311 or

Emergency Management Program

The mission of the program: to create and maintain a cooperative organization to manage risks from major emergencies and disasters that may affect the City of Nanaimo.

The two-part mission statement has been adopted to guide emergency management actions in the City of Nanaimo. The term "emergency management" reflects the intent to continuously examine actions that might help reduce the likelihood and impact of major emergencies and disasters. These actions include:


  • understanding the risks
  • taking all reasonable steps to reduce the threat
  • planning for both response and recovery
  • ensuring site support teams and community residents are prepared to act when needed
  • continually evaluating and improving the program

2015 City of Nanaimo Emergency Response and Recovery Plan

Hazard, Risk & Vulnerability Analysis for Nanaimo

Preparedness Now - a simulation of a hypothetical, but realistic disaster scenario that looks at what damage can be expected and what people can do to prepare themselves.

Public Safety Canada publishes a wide variety of products aimed at helping citizens know the risks and get prepared for emergencies.  The publications can be downloaded and printed.

Make a Family Emergency Plan - In an emergency if phones don't work or families aren't together, what will you do? 

Stay safe on the go with a new mobile website.  Get key steps to take during an emergency such as an earthquake, severe storm, flood, and more.   Quick Response Code to access the mobile website.

Follow @Get_Prepared on Twitter. 

View the complete Nanaimo Emergency Response and Recovery Plan.


Emergency Management involves a wide scope. We've supplied detailed information on the following topics:


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