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FireComm provides fire dispatch services for 27 departments on central Vancouver Island from Lantzville in the north, Lake Cowichan communities to the west and the Malahat in the south. FireComm is staffed with 8 full time members and 5 permanent part-time members covering relief for sick and holidays, handling approximately 12,000 incidents per year.

Goal: Receive and dispatch resources within 60 seconds for 90 percent of emergency incidents.

State of the Art Equipment

To achieve the aggressive performance standard above, FireComm uses advanced technology built around three distinct systems; a FDM computer-aided dispatch (CAD), a Zetron 4000 radio dispatch console system and a radio repeater infrastructure for alert paging and communications.

The FDM CAD interfaces 911 automatic number identification (ANI) and automatic location identification (ALI) features with the CAD database. The ‘map based' architecture ‘pops up' the road centerline address on a map giving the exact location of the caller. With the addition of the cellular wireless phase II the 'map based' architecture also 'pops up' the approximate GPS location on a map. The dispatcher verifies the nature of incident, confirms the location and obtains other necessary information and this state of the art system automatically identifies the appropriate Fire Department, station and apparatus to respond.

The Zetron operating system allows the dispatcher to rapidly select the required radio repeater channel, dispatch alert tones and incident nature and location message. The system allows the operator to dispatch multiple departments simultaneously and maintain communications with them throughout the incident.

All communications that take place at the centre are recorded on a CVDS ComLog Reproducer call recording and archiving system.

The FireComm system is designed with landline, radio and satellite redundancy with battery backup. Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems and a facility generator also ensure constant power supply that is vital for dispatch and communications equipment.

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