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Utilities (User Rates)


  • "MyCity" is the secure, online system that allows the property owners of Nanaimo 24/7 access to their City of Nanaimo accounts -- all in 1 convenient location!
  • With a "MyCity" profile, you may keep up-to-date on your account balances and billing history, track your water consumption, and choose to receive your bills via email ("MyBills").
  • Do you own a rental property? Using "MyCity" will help you to ensure all bills are being paid & is perfect for accessing payment information for income tax purposes.
  • Sign up today! All you need is your email address, account number, & access code (from a recent statement)
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  • "MyBills" gives "MyCity" users the option to receive their statements via email.
  • Each time their bill is generated, users receive an email to the address they have registered through "MyCity", with a PDF copy of their current bill attached.
  • Do you travel often? This is the perfect option to ensure you receive your bill on time and are able to take advantage of the 5% discount offered!
  • The choice to sign up for "MyBills" will not affect the existing billing schedule and all property owners can still expect their User Rates bill to arrive 3 times per year (approximately every 4 months).
  • "MyBills" is also available for Property Tax and Business License statements.
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What do you mean by "User Rates"?

  • Property owners in the City of Nanaimo are billed directly for their water, sewer, and garbage services - referred to as "User Rates".
  • The information below is intended for residential property owners; however, most of these guidelines also apply to commercial properties.

What is the rate structure for billing?

  • Water is billed as a flat daily rate plus an additional amount for consumption (in gallons/day).
  • Sewer & garbage collection charges are each billed as a flat daily rate per unit.
  • Houses with secondary suites are charged for 2 units each of sewer & garbage to pay for the additional collection they receive.

How often am I billed?

  • Statements are mailed 3 times per year (approximately every 4 months).
  • The City is split up into 16 different billing categories, by location. For example, if you own 2 properties in different areas of the city, you will receive your bills at different times of the year.

What are my options for payment?

  • In person at the Service & Resource Centre (411 Dunsmuir)
  • Using 1 of the City's 2 pre-authorized payment plans - Equal Payment Installments or Auto Debit
  • Online Banking & Tele-banking (contact your financial institution for details)
  • At most financial institutions in Canada
  • Regular mail via Canada Post

We're sorry but we are


for User Rates (& Property Taxes)

Do I really receive a discount if I pay my bill by the due date?

  • Yes, you sure do! A 5% discount will automatically be deducted if payment is received at a payment location on or before 4:30pm on the discount date printed on your Statement of User Rates.
  • If you plan on mailing your payment, please allow sufficient time for it to reach our office by the discount eligibility date. (Please note: the postmarked date will not be accepted)
  • Please feel free to make payments to your account at anytime throughout the year. This can be helpful for property owners going away on vacation, etc.

What happens if I don't pay my bills?

  • Any unpaid water, sewer, & garbage fees are carried forward to the next Statement of User Rates and do not allow the discount offered for the related billing period(s). All outstanding charges at December 31 of each year are automatically transferred to property tax arrears and incur daily interest until they are paid in full.

Can I receive my statement electronically?

  • Yes, you can! Sign up for “MyCity” & ”MyBills” today at
  • All you need is your email address, account number, & access code (from a recent statement)
  • Instructions are provided on the main “MyCity” page

What if I sell or buy a house?

  • The City does not read meters or send final bills when a property is sold. Instead, the lawyer or notary completing the sale will prorate/adjust for any necessary charges in the Statement of Adjustments. Any questions regarding this process should be directed to your legal representative.

When are charges for a new property started?

  • The fees for water start as soon as the water meter is installed on a property. Sewer & garbage charges do not start until the property has been granted occupancy under the relevant building permit.

Is service mandatory?

  • Yes, it is. Every house connected to the City's water & sewer system must pay the user fee.
  • In addition, all residential property owners of four (4) units or less must pay for basic garbage collection & recycling service. Basic service currently allows for the disposal of one (1) standard-sized can or bag of garbage once every second week, plus curbside blue & yellow bag recycling for newspaper, cardboard, plastic and tin every other week. Food and kitchen waste (green bin) is collected weekly.

Are there any special circumstances in which I may stop charges?

  • In the event of a fire, demolition of a building, long-term vacancy, etc, a property owner may apply to have their water, sewer, & garbage charges stopped by obtaining a disconnect permit from the Building Department (411 Dunsmuir St). If desired, charges may be restarted at a later date by the property owner applying for a reconnect permit. The charge for each of these permits is $100.



To encourage water conservation, the charge per gallon of water increases as consumption increases


How is my water consumption affected?

  • Water consumption varies greatly from 1 house to the next, depending on the season and number of people living in the home vs. their water usage habits.
  • The use of irrigation systems can greatly increase consumption so it is a good idea to program your “zones” to a minimal amount of time & always follow the watering restriction bylaws.

How do I check for leaks on my property?

  • Check all taps, toilets, etc. to ensure no water is running
  • Read your meter & record the number
  • Refrain from using any water for 4-6 hours
  • Again, read your meter & record the number
  • If the meter reading has changed and no water has been used, there may be a leak. At this point, we recommend you contact a plumber to have it checked & repaired. A leak adjustment may be warranted for leaks occurring in the main water line (between the meter & the house)*. Please contact the User Rates Department for more info.  *proof of repair is required before any accounts will be reviewed for adjustment


I need a green bin for kitchen waste. Where can I get one & how much do they cost?

  • Please contact Public Works at (250) 758 5222
  • The cost is $25/bin 

What happens if I have extra garbage?


Nanaimo Service & Resource Centre

In person: 411 Dunsmuir St
By Mail: 455 Wallace St Nanaimo BC V9R 5J6
Phone: (250) 754 4251 Online:


User Rates Department

Phone: (250) 755 4416


Garbage Collection, Recycling, & Kitchen Waste 

Public Works at (250) 758 5222  


Disconnect & Reconnect Permits

Building Inspection Division at (250) 755 4425


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