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Garbage and Recycling

Waste Matters 

The City of Nanaimo's Refuse Collection and Recycling Program is dedicated to "Guarding against Waste."

Our user pay approach encourages residents to control the amount of garbage they produce. Basic Service allows households to put out an unlimited amount of residential recyclables but limits the basic service for garbage to one standard size container per scheduled garbage collection.  

Expanded Curbside Recycling

Effective May 19, 2014, more than 10 new materials will be added to the curbside recycling collection. New materials include aerosol cans, aseptic or Tetra Pack boxes for soups and sauces, milk cartons, frozen dessert boxes, plastic clamshells for baked goods, fruit and eggs and plastic and paper cups. All recyclables to in the yellow recycling bag starting May 19. For a complete list of acceptable curbside recyclable materials, see the Recycling Guide.

These new recycling opportunities are part of changes to the BC Recycling Regulation. Under the province's new packaging and printed paper (PPP) stewardship program, instead of your local government, producers of packaging and printed paper (PPP) are responsible for collecting recycling and covering costs associated with recycling these materials. For more information, please visit .

Food Waste Collection

Full city-wide food waste collection started in 2011.  The menu to the left of this page provides a section entitled 'Green Bin Program'.  This section provides information and links relevant to Food Waste Service.  City serviced households receive weekly food waste collection and have recycling and garbage collection scheduled once very second week on alternate weeks.  An Extended Service, utilizing client purchased garbage tags, exists for clients who have needs beyond 1 standard size container of garbage collected each scheduled collection. See Garbage Collection Service for a description of how garbage service is applied.

Collection Schedules

Nanaimo uses an 'Add-A-Day' system for garbage, food waste and curbside recycling collection. Under this system, following each statutory holiday, the schedule moves ahead one day (ie: Tuesday collection schedule moves to Wednesday). Each home the City services receives a Food Waste, Garbage and Recycling schedule. Pick-up days for each service is clearly marked for the year. Calendars are also available online in pdf format - see Garbage Calendars.


By practicing the 3Rs -- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle -- we can conserve resources, extend the life of our landfill, and save money. The table of contents on the left side provides opportunities to learn more about City of Nanaimo food waste, recycling and garbage collection services along with other recycling and waste disposal options.

Also see the User Rates area for information on cost and payment options.

For information contact: 250-758-5222 or email


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