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Recycling/Disposal Alternatives

Reuse Rendezvous

Over one weekend each spring, the City promotes an event known as "Reuse Rendezvous". This annual event promotes reuse through a weekend long curbside swap meet (your Reuse Rendezvous Days are shown on your Add-A-Day Garbage Collection and Recycling Schedule) for residents to put out items that may be useful to others and that they no longer want or can use.

Programs Covering Product Stewardship Materials

BC Product Stewardship Programs now include more small appliances, electrical products and electronic toys (see materials highlighted in italic type). Product Stewardship materials are not accepted in the City of Nanaimo Curbside Collection Service. The Nanaimo Recycling Exchange accepts most Product Stewardship materials. Check the Recycling Directory at to find other locations supported by each stewardship program. For more information on these important programs, visit

Stewardship Program Name

Products Covered

  • AlarmRecycle

Used or expired smoke alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms and combination smoke & CO alarms.

  • BC Used Oil Management Association

Antifreeze, lubricating oil, oil filters and oil containers.

  • Brewers Association of Canada

Beer containers (bottles, cans and kegs).

  • Call 2 Recycle

Non-rechargeable, rechargeable and cell phone batteries.

  • Canadian Electrical Stewardship Program

Old and broken small appliances. Now includes power tools, sewing machines, electrical exercise and sporting equipment.

  • Electronic Products Recycling Association

Computers and components, TVs, video players, home audio-visual items, portable and car audio devices. Now includes cord and cordless phones, walky talkies, electronic musical instruments, medical monitoring & treatment devices and video gaming systems & accessories.

  • Canadian Brandowners Residual Stewardship Corporation

All electronic toys powered by batteries or plugs, including plush textile toys, hard plastics toys and remote control vehicle type toys. Not yet accepted at the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange.

  • Encorp Pacific (Canada)

Return for deposit soft drink, juice, water, and alcohol beverages in glass, plastic, aluminum and drinking box, gable top, or pouch containers. Also accepts plastic and gable-top milk non-deposit containers. Provides depot recycling drop-off for products listed beside the Electronics Products Recycling Association.

  • Light Recycle

Now includes all residential and commercial light bulbs, tubes, table and floor lamps and fixtures and outdoor lights and strings. The program is operated by Product Care Association.

  • Post-Consumer Pharmaceutical Stewardship Association

Leftover medicines can be returned to participating pharmacies throughout BC. Not accepted at the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange.

  • Product Care

Paint, flammable liquids, domestic pesticides and gasoline.

  • Recycle My Cell

Cell phones, smart phones, wireless PDAs, batteries and pagers.

  • Switch the ‘Stat

Older mercury-containing thermostats and electronic thermostats.

  • Telus Return & Recycle Program

Used mobile handsets and accessories, and telecommunication items such as corded phones, cordless phones and charging stations, modems, routers, gateways and TV remote controls.

  • Tire Stewardship BC

Scrap vehicle tires, bicycle tires and tubes.

  • Unplugged Small Appliance Recycling Program

Old and broken small appliances ranging in size from toasters and electric toothbrushes to countertop microwaves and vacuum cleaners. Now includes power tools, sewing machines, electrical exercise and sporting equipment, and other electrical products.

Recycling and Reuse Tips and Resources

Here are some recycling and reuse tips, and resources to help you solve many disposal problems.

  • Recycling Directory
    To find out where to take different items locally, use the online interactive recycling directory at the RDN Recycling Directory.
  • Yard and Garden Waste
    The City does not have a program directed at the collection of yard and garden waste (grass clippings, branches, pruning materials, garden refuse and other organic yard waste). However, there are private sector yard waste collection services that provide on-demand and/or weekly residential yard waste collection. Emterra provides such a service and can be contacted regarding fees and services at 250-716-3340.  Many advertise in local newspapers.

Residents may, through retail outlets, purchase home composting units or haul this type of material (self-haul) directly to International Composting Corporation (ICC) at 981 Maughan Road in the Duke Point area, the RDN landfill on Cedar Road, the RDN Transfer Station on Church Road in Parksville, or to The Nanaimo Recycling Exchange site located at 2477 Kenworth Road. Residential loads will be accepted at all sites for a nominal fee. For more information contact ICC at 250-722-4614, the RDN at 250-722-2044 or The Nanaimo Recycling Exchange at 250-758-7777. Materials collected are composted at the ICC composting facility.

The following is a sampling of composting web sites. Check them out.

  • Drywall or Gypsum
    Residents, commercial haulers and contractors can delivery loads to Alpine Disposal at 2250 McGarrigle Road at 250-740-7850. Fees apply
  • Make a Deal
    When buying a new hot water tank, refrigerator, freezer, mattress or other appliance, arrange to have your old unit picked up and disposed of when the new model is delivered.
  • B.C. Recycling Hotline (RCBC)
    For information about recycling and reuse opportunities including household hazardous wastes disposal, call the Hotline toll-free at 1-800-667-4321 or visit their Web Site.
  • Emterra Environmental
    Emterra provides a seasonal weekly yard waste collection service for residential clients. Contact them for information and prices. They also have a recycling drop-off for paper products (newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper), metal and plastic household containers. Location 255 Eaton Street, Nanaimo. Call 250-716-3340.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
    accepts gently used clothing, bedding, towels, stuffed animals and many other soft items. Located at #3 - 2350 Labieux Rd. below the Coastal Community Credit Union office on the corner of Bowen Rd and Labieux Rd. Call -250-756-2447 for more information.
  • RDN Landfill
    $6.00 for first 50kg of garbage or construction/demolition waste; and a $6.00 fee for the first 100kg of yard & garden waste. For more information call 250-722-2044. Located at 1105 Cedar Road, Nanaimo.
  • Good Neighbours
    accepts donations of household items, furniture and appliances in usable condition. They also offer pick-up service. Call 250-755-1433.
  • Salvation Army
    The Salvation Army has 3 locations to serve you:
    • #110- 50  Tenth St, Nanaimo (Southgate Mall 250-591-2769
    • 1613 Bowen Road, Nanaimo, 250-754-9340
    • 6750 North Island Hwy, Nanaimo, 250-390-1881

They accept gently used clothing, linens, furniture, household goods, shoes, purses, electronics, tools, hardware, toys, sporting goods and books.  No mattresses please. They also offer free metal recycling and free junk car removal (tax receipt included for vehicle).  For a free pick-up service, please call 250-754-9342 or drop off at any of the above locations from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, Mon-Sat. Website at


  • Second Hand Sandy's
    Second Hand Sandy's accepts donations of household items and furniture and appliances in usable condition. They also offer a free pick-up service. Call 250-753-7797.
  • Friends of Haven Thrift Shop
    Friends of Haven Thrift Shop accepts small furniture, house wares in working condition, and clothing. No bed mattresses please. Drop off at their thrift store location at 451 Albert Street. For more info call 250-754-3687.
  • Nanaimo Recycling Exchange (NRE)
    The NRE provides a wide range of reuse and recycling opportunities and helpful information. They provide recycling drop-off services for a variety of common household recyclables, scrap metal, yard and garden waste and hazardous goods including styrofoam, paint and pesticides and their empty containers. They also accept for recycling or reuse household goods, including; clothing, dishes, small appliances such as toasters, small TVs, computers and radios, cellular phones and inkjet cartridges.

    The NRE operates a Surpluses Exchange for larger items and provides on-site collection of many household hazardous wastes for disposal (computers, fluorescent light tubes, empty propane tanks, household batteries, solvents, fuel, pesticides, styrofoam, paint products and their empty containers). Community groups may access supplies of still usable old paint free of charge. For more information call 250-758-7777. Visit their site at 2477 Kenworth Road with their main access off Cienar Drive or visit their Web Site
  • Rainbow Appliances
    Rainbow Appliances will pick up used appliances (stove, refrigerators, etc.) if they are reasonably recent models and still operating. Located at 1946 Northfield Road. For more info call 250-756-2205.
  • BFI Canada Recycling Plant
    BFI operates a recyclable materials preparation facility at 333 Tenth Street where a variety of household and commercial based recyclable materials are processed and shipped to recycling markets and manufacturers. Their facility is not for public drop-off but for commercial haulers and business clients. Phone 250-751-1499 for more information.
  • Nanaimo Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store
    The Nanaimo Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store is operated by volunteers with all profit going to the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. They accept a variety of household recyclable items including gently used clothing, household items, and books in reusable condition. Located at #403 - 5800 Turner Road in the Northridge Shopping Centre.
  • Doggy Doo Wagon Pet Waste Removal Service
    Doggy Doo Wagon Pet Waste Removal Service offers a variety of pet waste clean up and removal services including single to scheduled yard clean-up, litter box service, or curbside collection of bins of pet waste. For information on services and price call 250-616-8615 or visit their web site at
  • Pick Up Your Paws Dog Services
    Pick Up Your Paws Dog Services offers a variety of pet waste clean up and removal services for cat and dog waste, including weekly / bi-weekly curb-side pick-up, weekly yard clean up and commercial pickup. Free biodegradable bags will be supplied. For information on services and prices call 250-734-2034 or e-mail
  • Mutts n' Such Pet Services
    Mutts n' Such Pet Services offer a variety of pet waste removal services including both curbside pick and yard clean up with either a weekly or bi-weeky schedule. Visit their website at
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK?
    1-800-GOT-JUNK? is a great alternative for people that cannot get their junk outside, or need junk removal. They will remove the junk wherever it is located and do their best to recycle. Call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? for more information or visit
  • DBL Disposal
    Located at 333 Tenth Street, Hours are: Mon-Fri 8am -5pm, Start-ups 9am-4pm. Materials accepted are: mixed construction demolition waste, wood waste, drywall, concrete, asphalt roofing, clean fill, yard waste, clearing brush and stumps (Fees apply) Do not accept tires, paint or chemicals.
  • The Hospice Shoppe
    Offers quality merchandise at affordable prices. Accepts donations of household goods, clothing and accessories, books, furniture and collectables. All proceeds support Nanaimo Hospice programs and services in our community. Located at #5-4286 Departure Bay Road (off Norwell Drive) (250) 758-8886 . Hours are: Monday to Saturday 9:30 am - 5:00 pm (closed Holidays). For more information visit

For information contact: 250-758-5222 or email

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