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Regions Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee needs members

The Regional District of Nanaimo is undertaking a review of the Solid Waste Management Plan(SWMP). The SWMP reflects a long term vision of how the regional district manages its solid waste, including diversion and disposal. Public and agency consultation representative of the diversity of the community is integral to the review. As a result the RDN are looking for committee members with public, local government and technical representation to identify options to address the region's future solid waste management needs, select preferred options and take part in community consultation.

Members will be asked to commit for up to three years and will be chosen from a variety groups. The committee will meet up to six times a year.

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Garbage and Recycling Programs and News

The "Waste Line" is your source for news and information about reducing, reusing, and recycling waste. It generally contains relevant topics associated with waste issues and services in our area. Past issues of the Waste Line are available by clicking on the links below.

Packaging and Printed Paper Program Adds to Curbside Recyclables

The Spring 2014 edition of the Waste Line newsletter provides information about how a new program developed by Multi-Materials BC (MMBC) is expanding residential recycling in Nanaimo. Starting May 19, 2014 more than 10 new materials will be added to those already accepted in your yellow curbside recycling bag.

The new recycling opportunities result from changes to BC's Recycling Regulation affecting more than 1.5 million households province-wide. Producers and consumers of packing and printed paper (PPP) will pay the cost of recycling these materials instead of local governments and taxpayers.

New materials added to curbside recycling include aerosol cans, aseptic or Tetra Pak boxes for soups and sauces, milk cartons, frozen dessert boxes, plastic clamshells for baked goods, fruit and eggs, and plastic and paper cubs. Plastic bags and other film plastics are no longer accepted in your curbside recycling. For a complete list of acceptable recyclable materials, see the new Recycling Guide.

MMBC Drop-Off Depots

Packing that is difficult to collect at the curbside or that may cause contaimination of recyclables will be accepted at MMBC Drop-Off Depots. These materials include non-deposit glass jars and bottles, plastic bags and overwrap and plastic foam (Styrofoam) containers, trays and cushion packing. Nanaimo's MMBC depots are the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange, Regional Recycling and Alpine Disposal and Recycling.


The City has prepared a website ( with complete information on the Packing and Printed Paper recycling program. The site provides lists of materials accepted, drop-off-depot locations and answers to frequently asked questions.

For information contact: 250-758-5222 or email

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