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Water Treatment Plant - Treatment Process

The backbone of the water treatment plant process will be a series of membrane filtration units – GE Water's Zeeweed 1000 Ultrafiltration Membranes. This product was developed in Canada, and is robust to handle variations in the City's water. For more information, please see

The water that is rejected from filtering will be passed through a second set of Zeeweed 500 membranes to capture as much of this precious resource as we can.

The graphic below shows the process of how the water passes through the plant to become purified.



How fine are the filters? The graphic below shows the relative size of the openings in the membranes of 0.1 micro-metres, compared to the size of various impurities that will be stopped from passing through, leaving pure, filtered water.

Following filtration, a small amount of chlorine (1 part per million) will be added to ensure that bacteria and viruses that may be present do not grow.

Please note that fluoride will NOT be added to the City's water. (Fluoride has never been added to the City of Nanaimo's drinking water).

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