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Water Supply

The City's mandate is to provide and sustain an adequate supply of good clean water now and into the future. This is made possible through the development and use of programs that include long range planning, system operation, system maintenance and capital works.

Water at the turn of a tap - we receive one of the most precious resources. It is essential to our health and vital to our growing community, yet as a gift, it is too often under-valued. Most of us rarely think of where it comes from or how. The reality is, as our population grows, so does our demand for water, and therefore the need for careful planning and wise use of water.

Our Most Precious Resource

Water Supply Strategic Plan

The City of Nanaimo has completed a Water Supply Strategic Plan that provides a road map for decisions for the water supply system for the next several decades.

The goals of the Water Supply Strategic Plan are:

  1. Provide Safe Drinking Water
  2. Ensure a Sustainable Water Supply
  3. Provide Cost Effective Water Delivery

Read/download the Water Supply Strategic Plan.

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