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Getting Ready for NTMP

On this page you can find information about the following topics:

Pre-plan Consultation (Summer 2011)

Pre-plan consultation included public and other stakeholder input to provide direction for development of the NTMP process. This early consultation was conducted at the start of our process to provide insight into community expectations and establish networks for sharing of information and ideas.

Two open houses were held in June 2011 along with development of this web site, electronic mailing list and an online survey. Event display boards and other open house materials presented are available below along with a summary of consultation results.

Pre Plan Consultation—Open House Boards (June 2011)

Pre Plan Consultation—Results Summary (July 2011)

Understanding Current Conditions - Data Collection

In the spring of 2012 the City is conducting a number of important data collection and survey projects to improve our understanding of Nanaimo's transportation network in preparation for the Nanaimo Transportation Master Plan (NTMP) process.

Each survey was designed to collect different information on a different part of the transportation network. Combined they provide a comprehensive snapshot of travel patterns in Nanaimo. This information will be used to inform future transportation decisions, not just for the NTMP but for years to come. The city would like to thank all the residents who participated in the various surveys, the information you provided is important and invaluable. The sections below provide information on each survey. A summary of preliminary findings from these surveys can be viewed in the two presentation documents to TAC:Data Collection Process - Preliminary Findings and Household Travel Survey - Preliminary Results.

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Nanaimo Screenlines Survey (Spring 2012)

A coordinated series of traffic counts was conducted throughout the Nanaimo area. Traffic counters was placed at stations through the area for about one week each.

The survey used several series of count stations (screenline) to measure traffic volumes across a specific portions of Nanaimo's network. For example, based on the count stations, we estimated the total volume of traffic crossing the Millstone River using stations on Terminal Ave, Wall St, Bowen Rd, the Parkway and Westwood Rd. We had also estimate total transit ridership and the number of trucks and buses. Most stations were counted by automatic mechanical counters. At some locations we deployed supplemental survey staff to manually count vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. The photo to the right shows a typical automatic counter installation on Westwood Rd.

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External Gateway Survey (Spring 2012)

This survey was conducted to develop an estimate of travel patterns through the area by vehicles that either originate and/or terminated their trips outside of Nanaimo and the study area. The survey collected data at five stations (Hwy 1-South of Nanaimo Airport, Hwy 19-North of Lantzville Rd and Departure Bay, Duke Point and Nanaimo Harbour ferry terminals) where vehicles pass into the study area. Vehicles that pass through two or more stations were matched, providing an estimate of through traffic. This survey was conducted over one day at the end of April 2012.

Transit Ridership Counts / Transit On-Board Survey (Spring 2012)

Weekday afternoon (2:30-6:30pm) Transit Ridership Counts conducted with support from BC Transit and RDN Transit on all bus routes in the City. On busier routes dedicated survey staff will count the number of passengers boarding and departing the bus at each stop. On quieter routes, drivers will complete counts. Information on riders with bicycles or mobility aides was included. This information is used to estimate existing transit ridership by route, route segment and stop.

Working in conjunction with the transit ridership counts, the Transit On-board Survey asked transit riders to share information about their transit travel. Surveyors engaged riders at exchanges or on-board transit buses and asked riders to complete a survey with the interviewer or an online survey at a later time. The survey seeks information such as the rider's trip origin, destination, purpose, transit routes used and demographic information. This survey provides similar information as the Household Travel Survey but focus' on transit users.
Both these surveys were completed with assistance from RDN Transit and BC Transit. The information collected will help the City, RDN and BC Transit make better choices about future transit services.

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Ferry On-Board Survey (Spring 2012)

The BC Ferry on-board survey focused on travellers entering the region by ferry.

The survey includes interviews with passengers from the Lower Mainland and Gabriola Island about their travel to the Nanaimo area. Similar to the transit on-board and household travel survey, the ferry on-board survey asked questions such as trip origin, destination, purpose and traveller demographics. It also looked at how passengers are connecting to other transportation networks at terminals.

The information collected from this survey helps the City better understand the impact of ferry traffic within the community and provide insight into opportunities for more sustainable transportation connections to destinations served by the ferry system. Data Collection Backgrounder (pdf - 526kb).

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Nanaimo Household Travel Survey (Spring 2012)

An important part of the data collection effort was the 2012 Nanaimo Household Travel Survey. This survey collected information on individual household's travel behavior. Detailed data on daily trip patterns of area residents gathered in this survey helps the City of Nanaimo, regional and provincial agencies make sound decisions about the routes and services communities really need for an improved and sustainable transportation future. Other similar sized BC communities such as Kamloops, Vernon and Kelowna have already undertaken this work and larger metropolitan areas around Victoria and Vancouver have been conducting similar surveys over the last two decades.

The Nanaimo Household Travel Survey took place in March-April 2012, it engaged approximately 1500 households in the Nanaimo area to help better understand their travel patterns; a separate component of the study engaged over 250 students of Vancouver Island University.

Many trips within the City start and end outside our civic boundaries. To collect information on these travellers, the survey study area included the City of Nanaimo, RDN Areas A/C, the District of Lantzville and reserves of the Snuneymuxw (Nanaimo) and Snawnawas (Nanoose) First Nations.

Participants were randomly selected and contacted by telephone; in most cases a pre-notification brochure was sent by mail alerting the household that a surveyor may be calling. VIU students received an email inviting them to participate in an online survey.

Detailed trip data from each survey participant will be combined with other surveys from their neighbourhood to develop an understanding of total travel demand. We understand privacy is important to you, so only combined results will be used and individual surveys will never be released.

More information can be found in the documents below.

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