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Nanaimo Transportation Master Plan

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The Plan

The City of Nanaimo is currently developing its first long-term Transportation Master Plan, the first plan of its kind for BC's third oldest city. Transportation touches every part of our daily lives, affecting how we move, how food, goods and services reach us, how we access employment, our household budgets, what housing choices we make, how our City looks and feels and how we interact with our fellow citizens.

As our City approaches 100,000 people, these issues will become more complex and more important, requiring an overall plan for transportation moving into the future. The Nanaimo Transportation Master Plan (NTMP) will guide transportation decision-making in the City over the next 25 years and beyond and will recommend improvements for all modes of transportation, including walking, cycling, public transit, goods movement, and vehicles. This process is important to ensure that transportation investments work towards achieving the City's strategic goals, make the best use of our tax dollars and help shift towards a more sustainable future.

The NTMP seeks to address mobility issues while fulfilling key objectives of the City's Official Community Plan, Strategic Plan, and the Regional Growth Strategy. The NTMP will guide transportation decisions and have a major impact on how our community moves, looks and grows over the next 20+ years.

What's New - Phase Three - Transportation Possibilities

The City has now developed Discussion Paper #3 - Transportation Possibilities, which outlines potential policies and actions for each element of the NTMP including: Land use, Walking, Cycling, Transit, Major Roads, Neighbourhood Transportation, Parking and Strategic Connections. These policies and actions have been developed to meet the targets, goals and objectives of the NTMP (Discussion Paper #2) and address the issues and opportunities identified through consultation in the Fall of 2012 (Discussion Paper #1). A draft Transportation Master Plan will be developed based on the feedback received during the consultation phase.

The following are list of materials relevant to the current phase of the NTMP:

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How Can You Get Involved?

The City conducted a series of Open House displays describing proposed elements of the Transportation Master Plan in early November. The Open Houses dates and locations were:

  • Saturday, November 2nd, 10:00am - 12:30pm, at Nanaimo North Town Centre Mall (inside the mall by Fairway Market)
  • Saturday, November 2nd, 2:00 - 4:30pm, at Country Club Centre
  • Friday, November 8th, 3:00 - 5:30pm, at University Village Mall
  • Saturday, November 9th, 10:00am - 12:30pm, at Port Place Shopping Centre
  • Saturday, November 9th, 2:00 - 4:30pm, at Woodgrove Centre

Thank you for all the residents who attended one of the Open Houses and /or filled-in the Online Survey. If you have any additional comments please send an email to:

Keeping Up to Date on the NTMP Process

This site is the main portal for information about the NTMP. We invite you to visit it for updates or to join our mailing list to receive updates on the development of the plan and opportunities to provide input.

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Phase One, Two and Getting Ready

Phase One of the NTMP took place during Fall 2012 and Winter 2013. It included multi formats public consultation and preparation of a Existing Condition Report. This Discussion Paper begins with a review of policy initiatives at the local, regional, and provincial levels that influence the transportation system and provide guidance for the City as it develops the Transportation Master Plan. The following sections of the paper provide a comprehensive assessment of Nanaimo's pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and road networks, identifying challenges and opportunities to be addressed through the development of the NTMP.

The public input, information and data collected in Phase One, the OCP and Strategic Plan were used to develop a plan vision with goals and objectives. The NTMP's vision, supported by guiding principles, mode and topic-specific goals and objectives are the outcome of Phase Two. All these elements will guide transportation decision-making in Nanaimo over the next 25 years and beyond. In addition, Phase Two recommends mode share targets to measure progress towards achieving the stated goals and objectives. Discussion Paper #2 Setting Future Directions (August 2013) presented the outcome of Phase Two.

In order to get ready for the NTMP, the city conducted a pre-plan consultation to gain insight into community expectations and areas of interest. Results from the pre-plan consultation can be found here. In addition, in Spring 2012 the City's Strategic Plan identified transportation as a key priority for the community. The City has also been assembling information on our current travel patterns through a series of traffic, travel and transit surveys during 2012. Click here for more information on this work.

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BC /RDN Transit Business Plan - Related Study

The NTMP is being developed in parallel with the Nanaimo Transit Future Plan being prepared by BC Transit in collaboration with the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN). The Transit Future Plan is a 25-year plan for the region and is an update to the 2008 RDN Transit Business Plan. The plan envisions what the RDN transit network should look like 25 years from now and describes what services, infrastructure and investments are needed to get there. The updated plan will be designed to support local community goals and objectives, such as strengthening the link between transportation and land use in order to support sustainable growth.

For more information about the Transit Future Plan, please visit: Transit Future Plan

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