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Snow and Ice Control

Each winter season, Nanaimo's Roads and Traffic Services is responsible for maintaining 567 kms of paved streets and lanes in a safe and passable condition.

This document provides basic information on how the division performs this service. Of course, nature plays a major role in the results.

Nanaimo's normal snowfall is often referred to as "a 36-hour winter." Generally, it starts snowing in early evening and turns to rain by morning. The winter of 1996 - 97 was exceptional: 22 centimetres of snow fell the weekend before Christmas and a further 47.2 on the 27th and 28th. On such occasions, despite the best efforts of a highly motivated crew, conditions can deteriorate and roads can become treacherous. Motorists are advised to practice defensive driving and exercise caution at all times.

Winter Driving Tips

You May Want to Consider:

  • Installing Snow Tires
  • Adding Weight, Sand Bags
  • Check Radiator Anti-Freeze Protection Level
  • Check Window Washer Anti-Freeze Level
  • Is There an Ice Scraper in the Car?
  • Door Lock De-icer
  • Check Condition of Your Window Wiper Blades
  • Keeping Your Gas Tank Full
  • Allowing More Time for Vehicle to Warm Up
  • Slowing Down When Driving
  • Allowing More Stopping Distance, Driving Well Ahead
  • Planning Your Route to Avoid Hills
  • Stay Well Back from Snow Ploughs and Salt Trucks

For information contact: 758-5222 or email

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