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E&N Trail - Downtown South


Goals and Objectives

The E&N Corridor is an important transportation link through Nanaimo. This study was undertaken to identify an attractive, viable and cost effective alignment for the trail from the Downtown Train Station (Franklyn Street) south to Seventh Street, a distance of approximately 2km.  The rail corridor through the central city forms an ideal trail alignment; however, the section presents some of the greatest challenges for safety, efficiency and cost.  The recommended alignment from this study addressed these challenges and identified a feasible route for this important connection.

                                    E&N Railway Corridor – North of Seventh Street

Study Outcomes

The E&N Trail – Downtown South Alignment Study is now complete.  Due to newer rail safety regulations and constraints within the Downtown, construction of the E&N Trail is anticipated to be significantly more challenging and costly than existing segments.  To address these challenges, the E&N Trail – Downtown South Alignment Study identified a trail alignment, preliminary design and estimated cost for the trail from Franklyn to Seventh streets that balanced user comfort, viability, cost and met rail safety requirements.

Findings from the Study were presented to Council at their June 20th meeting.  Considering the strong influence the presence of active rail had on the alignment selected and the upgrades required to construct the trail, Council received the Alignment Report but deferred construction until greater certainty about the future status of active rail is achieved.

Other Project Materials

Open House (June 3rd 2015 – Nanaimo Trail Station / June 27th 2015)

Presentation to Council - May 11th, 2015

  • E&N Trail Alignment Presentation to Council - video

Project Study

The City has made significant progress to date on the E&N Trail, with 8 km complete between Caledonia Street and Mostar Road, connecting downtown to the north end of the City. The completed portions of the E&N are a popular amenity, appealing to the growing population that uses alternative transportation, as well as people looking for fitness and outdoor recreation opportunities. To extend connectivity to the south, this Study identified an alignment for the downtown section of the route between Franklyn and Seventh Streets – a segment just under 2 km in length.


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