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Manual of Engineering Standards and Specifications

Edition No.10 was approved by Council with a published date of November 1st 2013.

The City of Nanaimo's Manual of Engineering Standards and Specifications (MoESS) form part of the Subdivision Bylaw as well as being referenced in several other Bylaws. The current MoESS was developed in January 1994. Since then, there have been ten updates and revisions to various sections of the MoESS. The MoESS is intended for use by anyone doing work within City rights-of-way including subdivision streets, works and services fronting building developments and for capital works undertaken by the City itself.

The manual is divided up into several sections covering various aspects of municipally owned infrastructure such as storm sewer, watermain, streets, traffic lighting, sidewalks, landscaping, curb and gutter. The MoESS also forms the basis for the contract documents for City capital works. Further detail can be found in the Introduction to the MoESS.

Periodic updates to the MoESS occur, typically, every three years. The updates are based on requests for revisions from City staff, outside engineering consultants, contractors or suppliers. All updates are coordinated through the Engineering Department. Schedule A of the MoESS contains a Revision Request Summary Sheet that can be submitted for proposed revisions to the standards and specifications.

Edition No. 11 of the MoESS is currently underway and, will be implemented on November 1st 2016. The timeframe for submitting revision requests that will be considered for Revision No. 11 is now closed. Currently, work has begun reviewing and researching the revision requests that have been submitted. Read the following letter for all information regarding the revision and schedule.

MOESS Edition No. 11 - November 2016 Revision and Schedule 

The MoESS Edition No.10 is available from the front counter of the second floor within the Service and Resource Center (SARC Building), 411 Dunsmuir Street. The entire MoESS is viewable and downloadable in pdf form (see below).

Any questions on the MoESS should be addressed to the Engineering Services Technologist within the Infrastructure Planning Group at:

Phone: 250-754-4251
Fax: 250-755-4403

Manual of Engineering Standards and Specifications Edition No. 10
Implementation Date of November 1st 2013

Amendment Record




Section 1

General Design Requirements


Section 1.2

CAD Standards


Section 2

General Conditions


Section 3

General Requirements


Section 4

Trench Excavation, Bedding and Backfill


Section 5

Water Distribution System


Section 6

Sanitary Sewer System


Section 7

Storm Sewer System


Section 8

Curbs, Sidewalks and Walkways


Section 9

Streets, Traffic Signs and Markings


Section 10

Roadway Lighting and Traffic Signals


Section 11

Reinforced and Plain Concrete Works


Section 12

Asphaltic Concrete Paving


Section 13

Concrete Pavers


Section 14




Interim Amendment Letter - Section 7 Revision to Section 7.63 and 7.63.2  
Interim Amendment Section - Section 7 Storm Sewer System - Section 7.63 and 7.63.2  

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