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Emergency Response Plan

The City of Nanaimo is responsible for providing adequate supplies of clean potable water to its citizens, even in the event of an emergency or disaster.  Disruptions in water quality and delivery may result from emergencies such as natural disasters, accidents or intentional acts.  If prepared in advance, the City will be more effective at responding to and recovering from such emergencies and disasters.  The goal of the City is to minimize all adverse impacts resulting from disruptions in the water system - this can be achieved only through sound emergency planning and thorough communication coordination.

The City has completed studies to analyze areas flooded in the remote event that its dams should fail following an earthquake or other disaster. These maps are used to determine the hazard rating of the dams, in accordance with the Provincial Dam Safety Regulation as well as to plan for emergency preparedness. These maps show inundation areas that are a result of total dam failure – an event that is highly unlikely. Even still, the City is in a process to determine seismic vulnerability of its dams, and to plan for upgrades to minimize downstream damage. For example, during the early summer of 2008, the City seismically stabilized Westwood Lake dam – a 100 year old structure. Should a large-magnitude earthquake occur, the dam is expected to slump, but the upgrade would slow the release of water to a manageable level.

Should you have any questions about the plan, please contact:

Bill Sims,
Manager, Water Resources
Phone:  250-756-5302

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