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Zoning establishes the permitted use of land, buildings, and structures within the Municipality. Zoning guides the growth of the community in a systematic and orderly way, ensuring that use of land and structures develop in proper relationship to one another.

Zoning has existed in Nanaimo for over 75 years. Council adopted the most recent bylaw, Zoning Bylaw No. 4500, on August 8th, 2011 (note: this document is very large in size and you may experience a delay or difficulty opening it). The bylaw establishes the permitted use of land within the City as well as maximum density, heights, yard setbacks, lot coverage, and on site parking.

To view a specific section of the Zoning Bylaw, select one of the links shown below to link to the page for that topic.

Zoning Bylaw No. 4500 (Updated April, 2015)

Zoning on CityMap

To view the Zoning* of all land within the Municipal Boundaries click on this link to open the Zoning theme in NanaimoMap. NanaimoMap is the City of Nanaimo's interactive mapping site.

*Zones shown in the NanaimoMap may not be exact. For details of exact Zones contact Planning & Design.


In order to permit a use or increase the density beyond what is permitted by the Zoning Bylaw a rezoning is required. Based on input from City staff, the Rezoning Advisory Committee and a Public Hearing, Council makes the final decision on all rezoning applications.

In order for Council to approve a rezoning, the proposed land use must comply with the Official Community Plan.

As part of the rezoning process, all applications are forwarded to a Public Hearing in order to provide all interested parties the opportunity to address Council.

For a map of active rezoning applications please go to the Development theme in NanaimoMap and turn on the Development Permits and Rezoning Applications layer, or visit the What's Building application.

Publications and Forms

If you have questions regarding the Zoning Bylaw or the Rezoning Process please check our Frequently Asked Questions page or call 250-755-4429

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