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Agricultural Land Reserve

A small portion of land within Nanaimo is in the Agricultural or Forest Land Reserve. These reserves can be thought of as a provincial land use zone in which agriculture or forestry are recognized as the priority use and other uses are regulated or prohibited. Local zoning is superceded by the land reserve designation.

If you wish to subdivide or use your land for uses not permitted by the Land Reserve you must make application to the Agricultural Land Commission and obtain their approval.

In the case of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), four types of applications can be made:

  1. Include Land in the ALR.
  2. Exclude Land from the ALR.
  3. Subdivide or use land for non-farm purposes within the ALR.
  4. A special case of subdivision or use of land in the ALR.

Except for No. 4, all applications are submitted directly to the City where they are reviewed and forwarded to Council for their consideration. Council's recommendation and a report from staff are forwarded to the Land Reserve Commission. Special case applications (No. 4) are submitted directly to the Commission.

For more information on the Agricultural Land Reserve, including application fees and forms, please visit their web site at Agricultural Land Commission.

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