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Sustainable City

Nanaimo - Becoming a Sustainable City

If you've decided to take the challenge to live more sustainably in Nanaimo, it can be hard to know where to start.  Sustainable living starts with a choice. If you are unsure why the City of Nanaimo is promoting sustainability, read Why Sustainability? 

Why Sustainability?

Simply put, living a sustainable lifestyle means living without exhausting any resource.  While this certainly has environmental implications, it also applies to finances, health, and the social well-being of the person, family, and community.  To live a sustainable life means to:

  • leave the world in a better state for your children and grandchildren;
  • reduce the amount of energy you use;
  • reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions you produce;
  • save money by making better choices; and
  • save the environment by making better choices.

Most people believe living a sustainable life will decrease their quality of life.  There are trade-offs, but the idea is to make the best of life today, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Most North Americans live beyond what is currently sustainable.  The Earth Day Network has a simple quiz that can give you an idea of your impact on the planet, as well as a number of great tips to help make your world more sustainable.

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