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Oliver Woods Community Centre


The Oliver Woods Community Centre is the first LEED Gold civic building in Nanaimo.  LEED is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards regulated by the Canada Green Building Council, with an objective of facilitating positive results for the environment, which is key to meeting Kyoto commitments. The facility is located on 7.5 acres of park property and includes two gymnasuiums, a preschool room, a wellness and multi-purpose room amd a community policing station.  The top five green features include:
Site Sustainability

  • Located close to public transportation and bike trails30% reduction in parking spaces
  • Densification (2 floors as opposed to one sprawling floor)
  • Retained trees and grass grid parking
  • Exterior lighting designed to reduced light pollution
  • Materials & Resources
  • Construction waste was sorted and diverted from landfill where possible
  • Facility incorporates salvaged wood in the millwork
  • 7.5% of the products are recycled material
  • 20% of the materials are extracted and manufactured regionally

Water Efficiency

  • Protected and restored native plants
  • Water efficient bathroom fixtures

Energy Efficiency

  • 50% more efficient than a standard building
  • Air conditioning system does not use any CFCs
  • Fire suppression system does not include halons

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Low emitting paints, carpets, composite wood and adhesives were used

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