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Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Building Permits typically include installation of new plumbing or plumbing changes. All proposed plumbing should be included in your Building Permit application. Submission of isometric drawings is required for all commercial plumbing work.

Depending on the complexity of the project, the isometric drawings will be completed by a mechanical engineer, or, for simple tenant improvements and simple Part 9 buildings, an isometric drawing completed by your registered plumber is acceptable. Where a registered plumber is responsible for completing the drawings and the plumbing installation, a Plumbing Declaration Form must be submitted prior to the Rough-In Plumbing inspection.

The following guides and forms may be of assistance and/or required for your project:
Plumbing Declaration Form
Isometric Plumbing Drawing Requirements
Water Pipe Sizing Commercial Form
Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report
Grease Interceptors

Fire Suppression System (Sprinklers)
The City of Nanaimo's Building Bylaw includes the requirement for a Fire Suppression System in all new buildings and throughout the entire building where construction occurs. Exceptions from this requirement, such as for single dwelling units and detached buildings less than 100 m2, are described in the Bylaw under Article 28.4.

Commercial building permits typically include installation of new sprinkler system or sprinkler changes (a separate permit is not required). Requirements for sprinkler alterations within existing spaces and for design/build sprinkler installations are described in the guide Sprinkler Permit Applications.

Irrigations Systems (Lawn Sprinklers)
The following guides and forms may be of assistance and/or required for your project:
Irrigation (Lawn Sprinkler) Systems Requirements and Notification Form

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