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What's New for Building Inspections

New Sprinkler Requirements for Four-Storey Wood-Frame Buildings

All building permits for four-storey wood-frame buildings applied for on or after the date of 2017-JUL-20 will now require the installation of sprinklers on the balconies of the buildings.  This is in accordance with a recent revision to the 2012 BC Building Code, which references the 2013 edition of the NFPA 13R.


Phone: 250-755-4429

New Tree Requirements

When building on a newly-created lot (recently subdivided), where owners are required by covenant to plant trees within 6 months of the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy, owners will be required to post a bond of $300 per tree at the time of building permit issuance. The bond monies will be returned when it is confirmed the trees have been planted.

The owner is responsible for maintaining the trees and for replacing trees that are removed as per the covenant conditions.


Contact Patrick McIntosh, Urban Forestry Coordinator
Phone:  250-755-4460, extension 4357

New Building Bylaw

Council has adopted Building Bylaw No. 7224, which replaces Building Bylaw No. 5693.  This was done to modernize the bylaw and bring it closer to compliance with the province's Building Act, which takes full effect after December 31, 2017. Most changes are administrative, but there are minor changes that will affect the construction community, as follows:

  • Increased bond for a temporary building from $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 (to be in line with that of moving a building).
  • Added in sheathing inspections in Section 17 in response to seismic changes in the Building Code.
  • Changed the addressing provisions to state that addresses are required to be visible from the street, not necessarily just posted on the house.  This was meant to target larger properties.
  • Changed swimming pool fence height to mirror current Building Code requirements (bottom rail height has been raised to a maximum of 150mm from 100mm).
  • Stand-alone greenhouses up to 300 square metres in area will now be exempt from fire sprinkler requirements.

The complete bylaw is viewable on our website.

New LCS (formerly HPO) Requirements for Owner Builders

Effective immediately, the Licensing & Consumer Services branch (formerly Homeowner Protection Office) has initiated new requirements for anyone wishing to build a home as an Owner Builder.  All Owner Builder applicants to LCS will be required to meet all eligibility requirements and to pass an exam designed to evaluate knowledge and understanding of home-building basics.

LCS Owner Builder requirements

Inspections for Spray Foam Insulation

When spray foam insulation is used to insulate a structure, 24 hours is required to pass before we will inspect. Please keep this in mind when calling to request your insulation inspection. If the Inspector arrives to do an inspection where spray foam insulation has been used and 24 hours has not passed, the inspection will fail and a new inspection will need to be scheduled.

Building Permit Fee Calculator

Want a quick way to calculate your permit fee? Check out our new Building Permit Fee Calculator page to get a rough idea on what your permit fee may cost.

Truss and Beam Point Loads for Building Applications

When you are submitting building plans as part of your building permit application, effective 2015-NOV-02, the City will require submitted plans to show any point loads exceeding 2,000 pounds (900 kg).  Load paths must be followed down to the foundation and shown on all applicable floor/foundation plans.  These point loads will be consistent with those provided on the truss and beam layout documents.  While not mandatory, it would be preferred to have these noted on the plans in a contrasting colour.  We expect this will allow us to process your application more quickly so we can get your permit to you even faster.

Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program

Now is your chance to save money if you are planning to switch from oil fuel to an electric air source heat pump system.  Up to $1,700 in rebates is available to residents through the Provincial Innovative Clean Energy Fund on a first-come, first-served basis, while funds last.

Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program

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